OPTIMUM Power Technology is a global company with decades of experience developing and delivering innovative and cost effective automotive model-based simulation design tools, optimization software, and reciprocating compressor products and services. OPTIMUM Power Technology is both our mission and our commitment to our customers. Today, many of the world's leading manufacturers are enjoying substantial cost saving by using OPTIMUM products to shorten their product development cycles and, in turn, giving them a significant competitive advantage.

OPTIMUM Power Technology has 5 diverse product lines:

There are 3 patented model-based design optimization software products in the newest line:

Global-OPT and Multi-Objective-OPT are Excel Add-Ins that optimize and calibrate Excel and MATLAB models. DOES can optimize simulation models created with computer aided engineering tools such as ANSYS, FLUENT and Virtual Engines.

Virtual 2-Stroke, Virtual 4-Stroke and Virtual Pumping Station combine powerful 1-D mathematical methods with the latest visualization techniques to accurately simulate complete internal combustion engines or natural gas pipeline pumping stations.

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