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Network Supercomputer is tightly integrated with Automated Design and adds a networked multi-user database and parallel processing of your optimizations to solve your design problems quickly and efficiently.

With a single seat allowing up to 50 solver nodes on a single network, Network Supercomputer provides massive parallel processing power to your Automated Design projects allowing the engineer to optimize engine geometries in a fraction of the time. This results in faster time to market, a better optimal design and, ultimately, big design cost savings that you will see in your bottom line.

In addition, the license allows you to take advantage of multi-core workspaces, with each core containing a solver. Extrapolating our 50 seat license onto quad core morkstations allows the system to have 200 concurrent solvers with one seat license! Our solvers are designed to run 24/7 efficiently as background tasks so that the end-user is not affected.

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